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JT Sauers and Associates along with Jeff Zell Engineers were contracted to consult on the design of the park. The State of Pennsylvania allocated a grant in the amount of $40,000.00 to pay for the consultants. All illustrations courtesy of JT Sauers and Associates.

Master Plan

Brentwood Park Master Plan

Baseball/Softball Fields

Proposed Baseball and Softball Fields

The proposed fields would improve the existing baseball and softball fields as well as add two new youth Tee-Ball fields. With the goal to group the baseball activities into one region of the park, the proposed walkway would be widen and lighting provided for security and visibility of the area.

The upper portion of the park would re-route the access drive to the perimeter of the park to group the picnic and family area with the pool activities and provide a safe play area for families.

Football/Soccer Stadium

Proposed Football and Soccer Stadium

Stadium concept shows a new artificial turf field with Aluminum Grandstand, and Press Box with concessions and restrooms. On the field level a 8 lane 400 meter track is proposed. Adjacent to the grandstands is a field house and a lower level concession stand and ADA restrooms. ADA access to the grandstands is proposed from the lower level from a new parking lot adjacent to the field.

Proposed Football and Soccer Stadium

The proposed field would be surrounded by a 400 meter track. A small plaza would extend to the track to provide activity space for game time events.

The tree line is opened up to reveal a flag plaza and overlook. Finally, a small one lane roadway or pedestrian path has been proposed for access to the field for non-game time activities and community use.
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